Kvass is growing and strengthening the team

The Proptech company Kvass, which recently acquired Pulse Communications, is attracting more heavyweights and is now hiring Johnny Duedahl and Christoffer Solli, who both have a background in Visma’s investment in real estate.

Johnny Duedahl comes from the position as Managing Director of Visma Property Solutions and becomes the company’s CFO. Christoffer Solli comes from the position as Business Development Director in Visma Real Estate AS and enters as Vice President Sales. Duedahl and Solli also take a seat in the company’s management team, which is led by CEO Bård Teigland. Both Duedahl and Solli have a long career in real estate and proptech, also prior to their management jobs at Visma.

I am of course very pleased that Johnny and Christoffer have chosen to join Kvass, which we are now rigging for significant growth nationally and eventually internationally, says CEO Bård Teigland in Kvass Group. Both Johnny and Christoffer possess significant experience, domain expertise and networks from the real estate industry. With these two on board, we strengthen an already strong team, and not least we get two incredibly nice colleagues, concludes Bård Teigland.

I have developed a passion for the combination of real estate and technology, not least because I see how technology can make everyday life easier, better and more profitable for everyone who runs real estate, says Johnny Duedahl. I’m probably a CFO who is interested in more than numbers and finance, although that area in itself can be a competitive advantage. But, I thrive in environments where we as a team work with the whole, and preferably in companies that are facing growth opportunities. Kvass Group is just such a company, and with the team that is already in place, the decision to join was easy, Johnny Duedahl concludes.

When this opportunity arose, I realized that this was something I had to consider quickly, but thoroughly, says Christoffer Solli. After completing a long, exciting and successful entrepreneurial journey with Codegarden, I have been so lucky to work with many talented and great people in Visma, and it is always with a certain sadness that you leave good colleagues. However, the opportunity to help build a leading prop-tech company based on such a competent and solid environment as Kvass was an opportunity I could not pass up. The platform and the digital solutions Kvass has developed have really impressed me, and obviously many customers out there as well. Now I am really looking forward to the opportunity to present the products in many customer meetings in the future, Christoffer Solli concludes.

Johnny Duedahl
Christoffer Solli