Proptech company Kvass strengthens its team

Bård Teigland is hired as the company’s CEO at the same time as Jan Lindstad joins as Chairman of the Board.

Bård Teigland brings considerable management experience from banking, real estate and proptech, as he now takes on the management job in Kvass. With his experience from, among others, DNB Bank, DNB Eiendom, Selvaag Bolig and most recently the proptech company Codegarden (sold to Visma), he has for many years worked with digitisation from both the customer and supplier side. Teigland also brings with him international experience as a leader and through board positions in several companies abroad.

Chairman of the Board Jan Lindstad also has considerable experience as a leader of companies, domestically and internationally. He is probably best known as the founder of the software company Compusoft, which he and his partners developed into a leading international software company. Today, the company is a world leader, with Private Equity companies TA Associates and General Capital as the primary owners.

“I have followed Kvass from the beginning and naturally see some similarities with the start-up of Compusoft”, says Lindstad. “Development is rapid and you must of course work hard and smart to succeed out there. At the same time, I think there are some key elements that need to be in place for one to succeed as a software company. Hopefully I have picked up some of these things. When I now get directly involved in Kvass, it is because I believe Kvass has the prerequisites to become a leading company, and because I both hope and believe that I will bring in relevant experience when the company now embarks on the next stage”, concludes Chairman Jan Lindstad.

“Already in my first meeting with the founders, Kristian Lindstad and Carsten Jacobsen, I got the ‘good feeling'”, says Bård Teigland. “From the very beginning, the founders have emphasised building a solid foundation for the company, both in terms of technology and people, which will help generate good customer experiences. When you, as a supplier, are to assist customers with digitisation and further development of the business, it is in my opinion crucial that you truly understand the customer’s needs and which digital products best meet these needs. Industry understanding and customer insight are therefore absolutely essential for customers to be presented with the right solution proposals”, says Bård Teigland. “Kvass currently delivers solutions to actors in housing development, the leisure market, the construction industry and commercial real estate, and even within each of these areas you will find different needs, wishes and prerequisites. In many contexts, our solutions have to work and interact seamlessly with the customer’s other solutions. Therefore, it is important that both customers and other suppliers experience Kvass as a highly competent, solution-oriented and pleasant partner. We will not try to be the best at everything, but we will be the clearly preferred partner in several areas. Now the next stage begins, where we invest in further growth through several measures, including the recruitment of more skilled colleagues. We at Kvass have a unique starting point for being a driving force for further digitisation within several parts of the real estate sector, and we will seize this opportunity!

I am really looking forward to embarking on the next stage together with highly skilled and pleasant colleagues at Kvass”, concludes Bård Teigland.