Pulse Communications becomes part of Kvass Group

The Norwegian software company Kvass delivers a wide range of digital solutions to the real estate sector, and now the product and service range is being expanded by the well-established communications agency Pulse Communications becoming part of Kvass Group. Kvass delivers digital solutions for marketing, presentation, sales, options and aftermarket processes related to new homes, plots, the leisure market and commercial real estate.

In strong growth

Pulse Communications is a well-established, full-service communications agency with a number of well-known real estate actors and brands on the customer list. The company was founded 17 years ago and has grown exponentially, especially in recent years. In 2021, the company’s turnover increased by almost 50%. In addition to the increasing number of assignments from brand advertisers, a significant part of the growth comes from deliveries to customers in real estate, and especially in commercial real estate.

“The merger is part of our growth strategy and comes as a result of customer needs we have identified in the respective companies”, says CEO Bård Teigland in Kvass Group.

“We experience that many customers want comprehensive deliveries, where good communication and branding work is integrated into good digital customer experiences”.

He points out that the merger will enable Kvass to deliver a relevant and broader range of products and services, which customers have expressed a desire to have delivered from the same partner.

“Customers also expect that this combination can be traded in an efficient manner. Customers do not want, nor should they, have to pay for unnecessary coordination and countless reconciliations between different suppliers for their projects. Through this merger, we create a model that enables us to serve customers across disciplines, efficiently and not least with high competence at all levels”, concludes Bård Teigland.

New digital solutions

Managing Director of Pulse Communications, Fredrik Campbell Strømme, believes the merger ensures access to local digital products and knowledge.

“In our deliveries, technology and digital surfaces are important components, and as part of a skilled technology environment, we will have even better conditions for building creative digital solutions for our customers, in addition to the production of film and other content”, says Strømme.

“The merger creates exciting opportunities for our customers and for us as an agency. Our focus continues to be, as it always has been, to create effective communication that generates results for our customers. We are so lucky to work with fantastic customers and brands, and experience a high level of trust that results in many exciting jobs. This is why we have recently hired several good minds, and when we now also have access to additional digital resources, we are excited about the future”.

Pulse Communications, together with Kvass Group, will represent a future-oriented mix of expertise and experience.

“This will offer strong and competitive value propositions to our customers”, concludes Fredrik Campbell Strømme of Pulse Communications.

Bård Teigland adds that the goal is to earn enthusiastic customers, every single day.

“Customers will experience that both the people, the solutions and the deliveries create added value and contribute to them attaining their business goals”, says Teigland.

Continued growth

Formally, the merger takes place by Kvass Group acquiring Pulse Communications, whereupon the current owners of Pulse enter the ownership side of Kvass Group. Fredrik Campbell Strømme continues as Managing Director of Pulse Communications, which will now be one of several subsidiaries under Kvass Group.

Both Kvass and Pulse are growing strongly and are currently actively recruiting new employees. At the time of the merger, the group will consist of approx. 40 man-years, all of which are located in Norway.